The Color Variations in Murals

Subtle VS. Bold

Do you prefer bold or subtle Chinoiserie murals?
The possibilities of creating unique and wonderful variations of hand painted murals in the Chinoiserie genre are endless and limited only by the designer’s imagination. Over the years, Paul Montgomery Studio has had the opportunity to create the company’s elegant hand painted wallpaper murals for a wide variety of interior design projects of various moods and themes. Some of these murals are intentionally boldly colored or more nuanced and subtle. It’s inspiring to take a look at some of the varieties of coloration that have been created in the past. These images show details of past projects and are quite diversified in their color palette and intended result, ranging from classical through transitional and modern effects.

Hyde Park Subtle and Bold

Hyde Park


Clouds Subtle

Clouds in Subtle Colors


Hemmerling bold

Hemmerling in bold colors

Bold Color Variations

Bold, strong and even edgy colorations bring a youthful and lively look to classic and modern interiors.


Ashford Bold



Beauvais Bold



Kew Garden Bold

Kew Garden

Subtle Color Variations

Neutral, subtle and nuanced colorations enhance transitional spaces with a sophisticated palette and also adapt well to both classic and modern interiors.


Beauvais Subtle



peonies blossoms subtle

Peonies Blossoms


Fairington subtle


Our Accommodations to Our Customers

The Studio has always been an accommodating and dedicated partner to thoughtful designers with inspired imaginations who dream of a space that is a unique statement in color.
See our Swatch Selector for a look at a few possibilities of different effects, and let your imagination be engaged in a colorful journey through a wonderful world of hue and chromatic variations.

Paul Montgomery Studio at the World Famous Greystone Mansion


Paul Montgomery at the World Famous Greystone Mansion

Paul Montgomery

Paul Montgomery at Maison de Luxe.

Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine coordinated and sponsored the ‘Maison de Luxe’ designer show house at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

Greystone Mansion

Greystone Mansion, otherwise known as the Dohney Estate, is one of Beverly Hills prize historical parks. This 18.3 acre masterpiece was purchased in 1965 and was officially dedicated as a public park by the city in 1971.

The Designers and their Pieces

World Renown designers Andrea Schumacher and Amy Meier commissioned our fine hand painted murals for their breathtaking masterpieces within the world famous mansion. The designs were custom planned and painted to fit their needs and visions for their spaces.

Worthmore Mural

Andrea Schumacher created this vibrant welcoming room with our Worthmore design. One cannot possibly sit in this room without a smile on their face and a feeling of happiness within the heart. She did such an amazing job capturing a brilliant, upbeat, inspiring space.
Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Worthmore at Maison de Luxe


Tropical Views Mural

Amy Meier designed the grand hallway, study, and sitting room. She chose our Tropical View mural with a modern touch from the room accents. She brought so much inspiration for the future with this room.  The combination of a classic design with the modern accents is a breath of fresh air for the interior design industry.
Amy Meier Design

Tropical Views at Maison de Luxe

Tropical Views

The designers for the Maison de Luxe are all featured in the January/February 2016 issue of Luxe Interiors + Design magazine.

Greystone Mansion

Paul Montgomery Sale on

Just an example of what will be available on March 1.

Just an example of what will be available on March 1.

Paul Montgomery Studio has created brand new chinoiserie mural sets, available on One Kings Lane for a limited time only. The sale begins Sunday, March 1 and runs through the morning of March 4. Don’t miss the huge selection of chinoiserie panels and a variety of beautiful orginal frame-ready artwork.

Click the link below to see the official Paul Montgomery announcement, and to subscribe to the newsletter to receive future updates.

New Czech Showroom

We’re excited to see the new showroom that will be representing us in the Czech Republic.  This showroom also provides highest quality perfumes as well as other high end products.

The name of the showroom is RAFINAD and it is located in the spa resort town of Marienbad. Our best wishes go out to our friend Kiril with his new venture.

DSC_0096 tumblr_n6laflfhWG1s8mfm0o3_1280 tumblr_n6laflfhWG1s8mfm0o1_1280

Hospitality Murals from the 90’s

Back in the good old days, we produced many murals for hotels and restaurants worldwide and really enjoyed the variety and challenges in providing murals on canvas and sometimes on site.  In retrospect, some of these murals were rather cheesy but at the time everyone loved them. From Hawaiian themed views to a Hard Rock Cafe’, here we’ll be reviewing some of these endeavors.

For the Stouffer’s Hotel on the island of Maui, we created this scene of the Iao Needle, a famous landmark and a good hiking spot.

Stouffer's Wialea

For the Lowes Giorgio Hotel in Denver, we created a surface like Fresco on which we painted Italian ornamented panels for the elevator lobby.  Thanks to the interior designers Glen Texeira and Janice Cooper.

Lowe's Giorgio Hotel Denver

For a restaurant at the Marriott Palm Desert we painted on site a mural of Venice.  The irony was that the name of the restaurant was “Tuscany’s”. No one ever communicated that to us.

Marriott Palm Desert

For a themed attraction in  Orlando called “Caruso’s Palace” we went overboard on the Italian flavor.  The idea was that opera singers would venture out onto the balcony and sing to the restaurant patrons below. The entire sky dome was painted on site but the landscape murals were painted in our studio. on canvas and then installed.  All of the columns were marbleized and the ornamented panels also painted on canvas.

Caruso's Palace3Caruso's Palace2Caruso's Palace1Caruso's Palace

For a riverboat casino along the Mississippi gambling strip, we painted this Parisian inspired bold mural.


For the Hard Rock Cafe’ at Universal Studios in Orlando, we painted this rock star heaven on canvas and applied it to the ceiling. Yes, Elvis is there!

Hard Rock cafe'

Mural at Fabulous Claris Hotel. Grand Luxe in Barcelona!

Thanks to the innovative and highly creative team of interior designer Juan Sebastian Bottazzini and creative director  Jorge Clos Casellas, our exclusive “Palmera” mural was included in one of the luxury suites at this Five-Star masterpiece of a hotel in the heart of Barcelona. Rarely does one have the opportunity to work with such esteemed clients who have the genius vision to realize a delightful hotel property that is at once welcoming and stimulating. Jorge and Juan Sebastian have brilliantly combined artworks from ancient Egypt, Rome and modern hand crafted lighting and furniture in striking colors to unfold a setting that is luxurious, inviting and somewhat controversial. Almost shockingly glamorous in the combination of elements from exposed concrete to rare antiques. These designers have pulled off a bold yet subtle statement of the highest design sensibility. Bravo Jorge and Juan Sebastian!

These photos will take you part way into this magnificent hotel, originally built 1oo years ago and completely refurbished by the Derby Hotel Group. Enjoy the journey into this gem of a hotel, or visit it in person if you find yourself in Barcelona soon! Click this link to connect to the Claris Hotel website. www.hotelclaris.comBarcelona 4Barcelona 7Claris at nightHotel Claris BarcelonaBarcelona 5Foyer Clarris Hotel

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Triptychs for a Beautiful Effect

Using our panels as framed artwork is a popular option for those who’d rather not wallpaper an entire room.  One panel or more can be framed to great effect.  We especially like using three panels together to form a beautiful triptych display.  Here we’ll show some examples of how we’ve done this for a project in Alexandria Virginia at Woodlawn, the historic home of George Washington’s niece. This is the project for which we won the Made in America Award. This award is given annually to those craftsmen or firms that are recognized as unique contributors to architecture and interior design.  We were honored to provide three sets of triptychs for this project.

Because Woodlawn is located in Alexandria Virginia, we were particularly happy to use our Seaport design which is actually based on a view of Old Alexandria.

Old Alexandria, Virginia

Old Alexandria, Virginia

Another design we used was our Portobello, which is a quintessential European Panoramic which would have been the fashion in the mid Nineteenth Century.  This one, done in Grisaille effect is particularly handsome in the Entry Foyer.



Another design which is actually a Gustavian Swedish type design, was use in the music room.

Gustavian Triptych

Gustavian Triptych

We invite your requests to make these triptychs and we DO supply framing for these.  But your local framer can also provide this service. Why not frame a few panels for above your bed or sofa?

A “new” ancient Chinese design for wallpaper

We’ve chosen a selection from our ANTIQUITIES Collection to share about the artists and the process of creating this exquisite design. It was created by two of our favorite Chinese artists who excel at figure painting. The name of the design is “Meng Hui” which translates roughly to “Memories of Jiangsu”.  Although it is a new design, it recalls the ancient Chinese scenic paintings of the Ming Dynasty.

Here is the story:

The beauty and prosperity of the ancient water villages of Eastern China are recalled in this famous scene called “Memories of Jiangsu”. or Meng Hui. This scene depicts life along the Yangtze River area of Jiangsu Province during the Ming Dynasty. In the 16th and 17th Centuries, the economy of the region was perhaps the strongest in the world at the time, due to the convenient transportation capabilities along the river. Businesses flourished, and the region prospered. The people were content and lived well and enjoyed their idyllic lives.

The artists who produced this work of art are John Zhang and Dong Liang Wu.

John Zhang fell in love with painting at a very early age. He studied under Wangrong, a famous painter in China. In 1990 Mr. Zhang graduated from Wuxi Light Industry University known today as Southern Yangtze University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1996 he became interested in interior design and since that time has created many new designs for hand painted wallpapers and murals. John Zhang’s new designs have been awarded “The intermediate Master of Industrial Arts” by the Chinese government.

Dong Liang Wu began painting at a young age as well. He graduated from Rudong Painting College in 1991. Xinwa Tang, an old civil artist, and also Jian Li, a painter from Jiangsu, taught Mr. Wu while he was attending Rudong. During this time his art concentration was in Buddhism pictures as well as Chinese landscape pictures. In 2001 he began painting wallpaper, which included creating and arranging the production of many excellent landscape pictures and wallpaper products.

The Meng Hui wallpaper that you see is the result of hours and hours of work that begins with copying the exact line drawing on each panel. (There are 20 different panels for this design, creating a scene 60′ in length before repeating.) Then the lines are copied onto the silk ground. After the copying is finished, Mr. Wu begins to draw the contour lines with a Chinese paintbrush for the people, houses, trees, etc. Once the contour lines are complete, artists begin to paint the colors onto the silk ground. Once this is complete,  Mr. Wu paints the fine details on each of the panels. Then a backing paper is mounted to the back of the panel of silk and allowed to dry. each panel is trimmed to the custom sizes.  Finally Mr. Wu lines up each panel and paints the finishing touches so that the design continues from panel to panel.

Meng Hui roomsetMengHui1MengHui2

Elle Decor Russia shows our Chinoiseries

We were featured in Elle Decor Russia for our elements of design in some of our Chinoiseries.


We expect some new updates from Russia soon regarding publications and new projects.  We’ll keep you posted….

A nice bit of publicity in Russia Elle Decor Magazine

A nice bit of publicity in Russia Elle Decor Magazine

How do we create our beautiful and unique Chinoiserie Wallpapers?

A bit of information on how we create our hand painted Chinoiserie wallpapers. So many people have asked us how we create these beautiful wallpapers and we are happy to share some of the aspects of how it’s done.

After a time of research and creative contemplation, we put up white paper the same size as our panels onto our studio walls. Usually 20 panels, each 3′ (91cm) wide are used for each design. This allows for 60 lineal feet to encompass a typical room space without repeat of the design. Next the design is drawn full scale in our studio on white paper with pencil. Refinements are made until the design is completed.

The full size pattern is drawn in the studio

The full size pattern is drawn in the studio


Roses full scale

The pattern is laid upon a table and the transparent raw silk is placed over it.

Next the design is sketched onto silk which has been prepared with a special technique that allows the design to show through the transparent silk.

Sketching the design onto silk

Sketching the design onto silk

Then the design is painted into the line drawing sketch.

Painting of the design

Painting of the design

Preparing the mounting process

Preparing to mount the silk onto paper. This is done within a frame.

Preparing to mount the silk onto paper. This is done within a frame.

Mounting the silk onto paper.

Mounting the silk onto paper.

Mounting the silk onto paper.

Our artists busy in the studio.

Patience is essential with production of our  hand painted silk wallpapers.

Patience is essential with production of our hand painted silk wallpapers.

The end results in fabulous chinoiserie wallpapers that are timeless in elegance and a luxurious in detail. Such beautiful works of art.

We’d like to take you on a short journey to China with this animated video of the Procession of the 87 Immortals.  It gets a bit redundant but a few seconds watching is interesting. The music is soothing and the sojourn will immerse you in Chinese Culture.

Click on the image to play.